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Popular Explorer activities

List of most popular activities for Explorer Scouts in Swanley District.

  • Cooking of all sorts - esp foreign
  • Outdoor - Hiking and Orienteering
  • Prison Break
  • Chip Run
  • Formal Dinner for invited guests
  • Duke of Edinburgh and/or Queen Scout Award training
  • Survival/Pioneering
  • First aid simulation/events for Scouts
  • Backwoods Cooking
  • K'nex / Lego challenge (Build biggest tower/strongest bridge)
  • Do Beaver Scout Chief Scouts Gold Award in three hours
  • Initiative Challenges
  • Create an old style photo love story (Suitable examples needed)
  • Create a sketch based on your favourite leaders/district/county
  • Sand Castles (yes really)
  • Unihoc/Kibaddi/Volleyball competitions/leagues
  • Murder mystery evening (based on one of the Murder dinner packs)
  • Create a recruitment video
  • Camping Skills
  • Skills - Electronics/Car Mechanics/Plumbing/Carpentry etc (parents needed)
  • Fire Brigade - an excellent evening including cutting up a car
  • Wide games (as Scouts)
    • Put out the fire
    • Manhunt
    • Capture the flag
    • Vip
  • Raft Builidng and Racing
  • Activities (Archery, Climbing, Abseiling, Air Rifles etc - depends who is about)
  • Panel Games (Just a Minute, Pointless, etc - usually best to base on a board game version)
  • Bin Liner Fashions
  • Paper Furniture
  • Rockets (Estes motor based, or water based)
  • Kiddy Science (Cola+Mint, Ammonia Iodide, Fun with Peroxide)
  • Advanced Scout skills - Woggles, Whittling, Monkey's Fist, Fire Starting with Bow
  • Blind drop hike
  • Beaver games/old school party games
  • Monopoly run - click here for 2016 event
  • Scrapheap challenge
  • Fire rafts

And anything else your imagination, our risk assessment and your parents' pockets can cope with

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